Shihan Daniels Germany Autumn Course - November 2010

Shihan Daniels 8th Dan recently travelled to Germany accompanied by Sensei Clem Braithwaite 6th Dan & Sensei Audun Daniels 4th Dan, to teach the KSI students in Germany.


Upon arrival at Berlin, Shonefeld Airport, Shihan Daniels and his instructors were greeted by German chief instructor Sensei Eddy Horn 6th Dan and a few of his german instructors.  After greetings they were taken for a stop off lunch at a very nice  german steak house as a welcome meal.  After they descended on the journey to the German Kimura Karate headquarters located in Pomnitz.


Here they stayed for a few days relaxing and socialising with the other german instructors.  Especially round the nice log fire which was extremely relaxing.  The germans have got a sensational headquarters that is still in its building stages but after 4 years of work they have got some place, which anyone would be proud of.


After a nice few days at the headquarters, Shihan Daniels, Sensei Clem & Sensei Audun along with Sensei Eddy Horn made their way back to Magdeburg to start the training.


There was a slight delay on the motorway back due to a accident which they got stuck for about 2 hours, but after a slight worry things got moving and they arrived on time at the hotel, where they quickly checked in and had a quick supper, before training.


The first days training was at Sensei Mike Werners dojo in Magdeburg where only german instructors and the KSI german 'A' squad members.


Shihan Daniels brushed over what he was going to do on the main course which was to follow, just so the instructors would have a idea of Shihan Daniels teachings.


Shihan Daniels was working on the strength and connection of the gyakuzuki technique, when in motion.


This was a very enjoyable first days training, where all students were buzzing for more information from Shihan Daniels after the session.


After the session, the german students all came out for a meal at a nice italian restaurant.


On the second day the main course started and the turnout was immense with nearly 200 students all very eager and keen to learn about Shihan Daniels teachings.  Students of all grades from white belts to black belts of all ages were in attendance.  Also there were nearly 70 parents sitting and watching the course too.  Amazing


Shihan Daniels again started to demonstrate and work on the power and strength of the gyakuzuki in motion.


All students were mesmorised and hung on to every word that Shihan Daniels said as they worked tireless to get the technique into their system.


After the first day all students looked very uniform which was so nice, to see.  All looked like true Kimura Shukokai karateka, from children to adults.


On the saturday evening they were entertained to a nice party put on by the german students, and parents.  With a very nice buffet.  A great socialising experience with such like mided people.


On the last day of training Shihan Daniels worked on combination work linking the gyuakuzuki with the ashi barai, with minimal telegraph.  He followed this by finishing off with Impact.


The course finished with photos, and Shihan Daniels being presented gifts from the german students in appreciation for teaching them.  Sensei Clem & Sensei Audun were also presented with gifts for coming.  Loads of the children and their parents took the chance to take photos and sign autographs from Shihan Daniels and Sensei Clem & Sensei Audun.


Following the course they finished off the weekend with a nice meal back at the hotel followed by some final socialising with the instructors and shihan daniels.


A truly memorable event indeed which was enjoyed by all. 


Sensei Clem & Sensei Audun were also treated with the upmost respect and were looked after by every german students whos hospitality was second to none.  They showed that they have a remarkable association within Germany which they should be very proud of themselves.