Shihan Daniels 3 Day Autumn Course 2010

This year’s Autumn 3 day course was very well attended with students of all grades, from the most junior to the most senior, from all over England meeting together to train with Shihan Daniels 8th Dan.


Friday 29th October saw Shihan Daniels looking into the basic principles and body mechanics of the gyaku zuki. Some may think that “basic” means “simple” or “easy” but the underlying ethos of Kimura Shukokai is very involved and everyone needed to concentrate on Shihan Daniels’ expert explanation and demonstration. Rolling of the shoulder whilst not lifting it or extending the elbow outwards led to far heavier impact at the end of the punch.


Saturday 30th October saw the development of the techniques learnt on the previous day. The stability of the end product of the technique was demonstrated with some of the smallest and lightest students holding at bay some of the more experienced and heavier practitioners! A simple adjustment to the shoulder, front or rear legs saw the stability collapse, thus convincing everyone of the importance of maintaining a good foundation or basic technique. Many of the junior grades, who were given the opportunity of training with the more senior grades, found that their own, previously moderate impact became much stronger. Shihan Daniels further developed the theme by introducing the step over gyaku zuki from a right foot forward position which increased the speed and delivery of the punch whilst at the same time maintaining the set geared position on the left side, ready for the following technique. The 3 hour session finished with everyone convinced that they had become more aware of the focus that was required to effectively deliver a solid and heavy impact.


The evening meal was well attended by students and their families and we were all treated to a sumptuous meal prepared by Sensei Solfrid. Everyone expressed their sincere thanks to Sensei Solfrid for what was an immense task. Everybody enjoyed socialising and forging bonds with students from other clubs and were thankful that as the clocks went back they would get an extra hour in bed before training the following day.


Sunday 31st October Shihan Daniels started the day by concentrating on Ashi Barai and again examined the basic foundations of the technique. After everyone was given the opportunity of honing that skill we moved to combining the right step over gyaku zuki with the right ashi barai and punch to the head. Shihan Daniels’ power and speed in delivering the combination shocked some of the cadets who then attempted to replicate it. After another 3 hours of training everyone felt as if they had come a long way since arriving on the Friday night and that they would be incorporating the techniques learned in their kumite. For the instructors present it gave further food for thought in their subsequent teaching.   


Black Belt Grading Following the course a Grading took place with Shihan Daniels 8th Dan and Sensei Clem Braithwaite 6th Dan. All students were put through their paces concentrating on what they had learnt on the course as well as their respective Kata and other basic and advanced moves. The following were successful in their Dan gradings:


  • 1st Dan (Shodan) – Jack Cutler – Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent
  • 1st Dan (Shodan) – Gary Sawyers - Streetline Defence
  • 1st Dan (Shodan) – Corey Sawyers – Streetline Defence
  • 2nd Dan (Nidan) – Sensei Steve Farrow – Pershore
  • 2nd Dan (Nidan) - Edward Mitchell – Tsunami
  • 3rd Dan (Sandan) - Ben Yates – Blackheath
  • 3rd Dan (Sandan) - Sensei Chris Simpson – Kimura Shukokai Karate Kent


It was a privilege to train amongst such dedicated and spirited Karateka; everyone enjoyed the course and were buzzing for the next SKF event.