Get ready to enter the world of Kumite, where the excitement is high, and the action is fast-paced! At Kimura Shukokai, Kumite is not just a form of sparring, but a way of life. We take it seriously and train hard to hone our skills against real opponents.


As you step into the dojo, you'll feel the buzz of adrenaline and excitement in the air. The experience of Kumite is not just about delivering powerful strikes and blocking techniques, but also about testing your mental toughness and physical stamina.

In SKF Kumite is a showcase of lightning-fast strikes with maximum impact, all achieved by emphasising body positioning, timing, and distance. Kumite is a crucial part of our training, and we take it seriously!  With every movement, we deliver thunderous blows that can shake the biggest of competitors. Our footwork and movement are unmatched, allowing us to dodge incoming attacks while setting ourselves up for devastating counter-attacks.

But it's not just about brute force; it's about using your wits and intelligence to outsmart your opponent. You will learn to master the art of feints, to draw opponents into traps and strike with precision. Kumite is not just another aspect of our training but an exhilarating experience that tests our limits and pushes us beyond what we thought was possible.